Aero Freight

Welcome to Aero Freight Co.

Established in 1982, AERO FREIGHT stands as a pioneer among logistics companies in Qatar, boasting operational branches in Oman, UAE, and India. With a rich history spanning 38 years, we have solidified our position as a trusted logistics provider in the Middle East, cultivating a loyal customer base through our customer-centric ethos. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we consistently act as an extension of our clients, going above and beyond to meet their needs.

            At the core of our operations lies a comprehensive logistics and transportation division dedicated to offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, positioning us as a key player in the logistics landscape of the free zone. Acting as your all-in-one logistics partner, we streamline the process of delivering products to your customers, tailoring our services to your specific requirements with meticulous attention to detail. By partnering with us, you eliminate the need to invest time and resources in setting up and managing storage and transport systems, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

               Leveraging our extensive international service network in freight forwarding, logistics, and supply chain management, we are equipped to address a diverse range of customer needs. Our team of experts possesses the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to enhance the efficiency of your supply chain, ensuring a seamless and exceptional process from start to finish. Operating round the clock, our integrated system combines automated and manual management techniques to deliver multi-modal capabilities with precision and dedication to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we take pride in continuously enhancing our services to align with technological advancements and market trends, setting us apart from other shipping companies and reaffirming our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Trusted Partner for Global Shipping and Logistics

Aero Freight has solidified its position as a prominent leader within the realm of freight forwarding companies in the Middle East. Through unwavering dedication, a focus on balanced growth strategies, and leveraging cutting-edge technological tools, our team has successfully cultivated a competitive edge among logistics and shipping service providers. In today’s business landscape, freight forwarding plays a pivotal role in meeting the demands of global commerce. To excel in this field, it is imperative for companies to effectively manage their shipping and logistics operations. Aero Freight has distinguished itself as a top performer in delivering high-quality cargo services from Qatar to various Asian destinations, notably India. Clients entrusting their shipments to us can rest assured that their goods will reach their designated locations promptly and securely, without encountering any obstacles along the way.

Our team of adept executives and technicians diligently ensures that our logistics operations run seamlessly and efficiently, facilitating the optimization of the entire shipping process. Despite the rapid expansion of the industry and the escalating challenges necessitating targeted solutions, our team remains steadfast in delivering superior services punctually. By meticulously managing and controlling labor, capital, and fuel expenses, we strive to provide our team with the necessary resources to enhance productivity. The operational excellence and efficiency of our services have garnered admiration from numerous transportation companies across the Middle East. With a cadre of skilled and seasoned technicians well-versed in the intricacies of logistics and shipping, Aero Freight orchestrates a flawless and hassle-free experience for our clients, thereby solidifying our standing as one of the premier shipping and logistics entities in the region.

At Aero Freight, we place paramount importance on the safety and security of your cargo and transport items. Clients can place their trust in our meticulous handling procedures, ensuring that their goods are safeguarded against damage during transit. As one of the foremost freight forwarding companies in the Middle East, we guarantee the secure transportation of goods, even for international shipments. Furthermore, clients partnering with us can rest assured that we will navigate the complexities of customs and clearances on their behalf. Aero Freight stands out as a trusted partner that offers comprehensive guidance and unwavering support in navigating the intricacies of import and export regulations, allowing our clients to focus on their core business operations with peace of mind.


To achieve customer satisfaction and confidence by providing excellent and uncompromising professional services and recognized as the premier Logistic services company.


To become an integral part of Freight Forwarding Industry ups offering a streamlined worldwide Logistics Supply Chain and deliver Superior Global Service Solutions.