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24 Jan

5 Tips to make Freight Forwarding Easy in Dubai

How to keep a balance and still make a profit from Freight Forwarding

The freight forwarding in Dubai is not kind when it comes to low volumes. It is a big risk to take when we have to maintain a global infrastructure that is not self-sustainable. Re-routing resources can be challenging and can sometimes induce unwanted bottlenecks. 

It is no secret that the presence on the ground globally is a premium factor in freight forwarding in Dubai. It is so important that all major players try to keep them active irrespective of the cost involved. But such facilities do not come cheap and the maintenance involved is not cheap. It is a delicate link in the whole business model due to the nature of the involved parties. 

Use Technology 

The use of modern technology can do wonders in any business. A proper web portal, servers, internal database, invoice system, etc can reduce deadweight and take you a long way in improving efficiency and in cutting costs. 

Proper internal and external IT policies can be an added addition to maintaining the network and infrastructure of your company.

Customer is God

No business can survive without the help of customers and their loyalty. Keep your customers in the loop through social media or dedicate Android or iOS apps. Without proper engagement, there could be no retaining of customers. This could be a part of your IT and digital marketing policy. Take the service of a professional provider if you are not interested in maintaining this department internally. 

More Service at less or little additional cost

Stop charging your customers for everything. They are not scapegoats. Add more value to services by including extra information and additional services. Help in loading and unloading services, custom drop points, etc. They might not cost you anything but can increase the service quality and customer appreciation hugely. 

Discount for loyal customers

We are supposed to maintain a program for both retaining and acquiring customers. There are many marketing models related to this available in the scene. A proper, functioning marketing team always understands the importance of customer retention and includes necessary planning the annual policy and consolidating a portion of the budget for this. 

Acquiring new customers is equally important and we should be able to present ourselves as valuable partners. There should be enough research on how to use the achievements, system, and infrastructure to benefit this part of the action plan. 

Load Consolidation

This is a method that is very effective when we deal with low-volume cargo. Always take time to understand the transit and make arrangements to cut costs due to fragmented transfers. We are supposed to be smart in organizing these channels. Effective use of AI and ML in planning and execution can help determine automated models for this purpose. This could be included as part of your IT policy or take help from external data analysis labs or services that have expertise in this field.